You know how some clothes are … they swish when you walk? They look good, but that sound. Ugh. Not as bad as squeaky shoes (at least not to me) but still ….

Anyway (without the “s” … why do so many people type “anyways”?) I do know what Jason Heath meant, but when I read, “Listen to James Levine conduct Fidelio online,” at his blog I laughed because I got an image … um, no … a sound in my head. A swishy sound. I didn’t hear an orchestra. I only heard swishes.

I wonder if conductors think about clothing and noise, or if that’s not an issue. I guess I’ve never seen Levine—or any other conductor—wearing taffeta. Good thing, no?

Of course if you look at the picture at Jason’s site it does appear that Levine is singing. Hmmm.

(Oh, and Jason, I’m really not mocking you. Just goofing off. Because I can. 😉


  1. I always love listening to the glorious sound of that stick waving in the air.  Oh, wait…. never mind.  I also can’t remember where I dug up that Levine photo.  The dangers of late-night blogging (like I’m doing right now)….

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, I’ve always made it a point to not listen I mean watch … um … better not go there! 😉

    I hope you know I was just funnin’ with you! I suspect you do, but my insecurities always demand I continually apologize for any possible hurts and wrong doings. Go figure.

    I’ve put pictures up and forgotten where the heck I got them too. I blame it on my age … I’m not sure YOU can do the same! 😉