29. March 2007 · Comments Off on But What If They Like It? · Categories: imported, Ramble

Authorities in Vienna are planning to drive drunks and drug addicts from the city’s main underground station, Karlsplatz, by the judicious use of the music for which the city has become renowned – opera.

I’ve written about this before, and I’m guessing I’ll write about it again. But oh well! It just irks me that we take something that many find wonderful and turn it into punishment. And the assumptions that are made drive me bonkers!

Now, the local council has a new tactic. Loudspeakers will pipe opera and classical music into the station, providing a calming, refined soundtrack and, officials hope, a gentler solution to the problem. “These sorts of people are not fans of such music. We believe they will not hang around,” a council spokesperson said (perhaps a trifle snobbishly).

… a trifle snobbishly? I’ll bet.


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