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This week, a new chamber opera by the outrageous Dave Heath has a gaffe or two to blow. It’s all about the murky side of orchestral life – on the one hand, the pitiful salaries of ordinary musicians, the inflated fees and egos of conductors, and the disingenuousness of concert agents; on the other, the drunken, adulterous and incestuous behaviour that Heath claims is rife among the orchestral family.

and later

His new opera – An Everyday Occurrence – centres on a love triangle between a middle-aged male oboist, a pretty young female oboist in her first job, and the wife of the former. Lust enters the equation, and the outcome is predictable. Heath confesses it is semi-autobiographical. “Some of the things that go on in orchestral life are so outrageous no-one would believe it,” he says. “There’s nothing in this opera that I haven’t seen for myself. But I’m not having a go at anyone in particular. It’s as much a tragic, contemporary love story as a satirical farce.”

and even later

They don’t enter the action in an obvious way, Heath says. “Their presence is interactive, the singers emerging from within the orchestra only at the point when they enter the action.”

Hmmm. Okay then ….


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When I decide I really must work on reeds I just don’t do well with them at all.

I need to work on reeds when I don’t decide to, I guess.

Hmmm. Not sure how to go about that.

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I wish I could read and understand everything at this site, about Nodame Cantabile, because it’s an manga (Or is it anime? Or both?) about students at a music conservatory.

Who’da thunk something like this existed? Certainly not I!

You can read about it here. I think I linked to a live-action video version of this a while back too. Cooper? Was this it?

So listen to the recording here. Hear the difference? To my ear it is as clear as can be. I’m assuming it is to everyone, yes? The blogger asks us if we can hear it, though, so I figured I’d give him this link and you all could go there and offer up your opinions.

If you can’t hear the difference I’d love to know.

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I recently heard Jennifer Higdon’s Oboe Concerto and I think it’s a great new work. I received an email today, requestingI post information about an upcoming performance of the work, along with a master class. I’m more than happy to post this announcement!:

Masterworks 4 Performance
Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 8:00pm

George Mason University (Fairfax VA)
Center for the Arts

“One of the world’s finest wind players” is William Hudson’s judgment of oboist John Ferrillo – and Maestro Hudson is in a fine position to know, since Mr. Ferrillo, now principal of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is also a former member of the Fairfax Symphony!

He will bring us not only Bach’s Concerto for Oboe and Violin, BWV 1060 (with FSO Concertmaster David Salness) but also the local premiere of the startlingly beautiful new Oboe Concerto by one of today’s trend-setting composers, Jennifer Higdon.

John Ferrillo will also present an Oboe Master Class from 10:00am-12:00pm at George Mason University’s Performing Arts Building (Room 323)

Visit http://www.fairfaxsymphony.org for more information.

I hope some readers can make it to one or both of these events. (If you do, email me later and let me know about your experience!)