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I’m actually rather surprised that Ravel is on this list, but maybe he is more popular than I know. Or maybe it’s a British thing.:

Forty three per cent of parents said their baby showed signs of recognising the music they had been playing to it during the pregnancy.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Johann Sebastian Bach

Frederic Chopin

Franz Schubert

Richard Wagner

George Frideric Handel

Gustav Mahler

Joseph-Maurice Ravel

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My poor babies … they got whatever mommy was working on, rehearsing, or performing at the time. After they were born it was still whatever I was working on, or whatever concert or opera we dragged them to. Still, I think they fared just fine. Do I think it made them smarter? No, not really. They were geniuses to begin with. 😉 I do think, though, that they are more interested in a great variety of music that many kids. (And yes, they all like some music I don’t particularly care for. I’m fine with that.)

When they were a bit older Brandon’s favorite was Resphigi’s Ancient Airs and Dances, Kelsey loved opera, and Jameson, only a while back, was really into Copland and loved listening to his opera. Of course this morning, on the way to school, he was playing White Stripes. Nothing like Copland.

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