06. April 2007 · Comments Off on Hah! · Categories: imported, Ramble

Here is a way of looking at my own evolution from beginner to sophisticated professional.

1) wanting to hear myself play
2) wanting others to hear me play
3) wanting to be paid to play
and the ultimate step
4) wanting to be paid not to play

No, I’m not saying this … you can read the rest here, at a new blog of a Chicago Symphony bassist I learned about via this blog entry of yet another blogger I’d not been aware of, The truth makes me fret.

Where am I in all of this? I dunno. Maybe because I’m not in a top orchestra, I am still at a point where I am in a combbination of 2 & 3? Hmmm. I love to play. I do like to be heard. I like to earn a living (or at least something!).

And yes, I assume the bassist is kidding around. A bit.

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