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My students know they are supposed to play off of originals; copies will not do! Support your local music store … if you have one. Many are going out of business. I know our local place did. (I have to add, though, that the place knew next to nothing about oboe, carried junk, and the place reeked of cigarettes, yet had a huge sign on the door saying “NO SMOKING!” as if they followed that rule themselves. Hmmm. Can you tell I hate the smell of cigarette smoke? If I’m in the car and someon nearby is smoking I actually have to close the vents and do the recycled air thing until I drive away. Call my picky. Or peculiar.)

But I ramble (as usual) … Here’s an article about a music store attempting to stay in business. It included this:

She also sells fresh eggs, $4 a dozen, from the 68 chickens she keeps at her weekend home in Delaware County. As she put it, “Why be in one dying profession when you can be in two: music dealer and farmer?”

Heh. Why is it that we in these not-so-high paying professions are often attracted to other not-so-high paying professions, I wonder?! I know I thought about writing articles for mags a while back. (Yeah, I know … I’m not good enough to do that. I was blind to that back then. I know better now.) And I thought about attempting to publish poetry for a time.

See what I mean?

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