Keep Music@Menlo in mind for this summer. It seems the South Bay (where I live) believes that all arts should end when summer rolls around (thus, I’m unemployed for nearly 3 long, sad months, aside from teaching my private students), but Music@Menlo is a happening thing that has succeeded from it’s very start. Read about it here and visit the Music@Menlo website.


  1. Jennifer Grucza

    You know, I just don’t understand the timing of the music season.  Winter is when I really just want to stay at home and be warm, not having to fight traffic, parking, and bad weather to get out to a concert.  Summer is a great time to go to concerts, but nobody’s playing! 

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Actually, a lot of my colleagues are playingin the summer … it’s just that they are playing in wonderful locations at music festivals. That we can’t afford to go to! 🙁

    And I’ve never been a part of the music festival thing. I had a chance, once, but I had young children at the time so I didn’t jump in. I guess now I have to wait until someone dies and they decide I can join up. But of course so many young hot shots are out there and they are actually pursuing work. I don’t pursue. I’m lazy that way!

    But I’m with you … summer is the perfect time to go to concerts. Sigh.