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Read this blog entry by Jason Heath. I’m fairly amazed that instructors still ban computers from classrooms. And all notes handwritten? My hands would give out; I can no longer write after a certain amount of time, as my hands shout “no more!”

But the thing that really annoys me is that the teacher used Powerpoint and videos. Hmmm. I see a problem there.

But maybe you disagree…?

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I was listening to NPR this morning on my way to UCSC. There was a segment on the Jose Padilla trial that is pending. At the end of that segment one hears the Padilla attorney saying, “People might not recognize the name Padilla, but if you say “dirty bomber” it rings a gong.”

Um … so when did we start ringing gongs? I’ve heard of bells before. But gongs?

Sorry. It just made me laugh. Maybe he’s thinking of The Gong Show. But they would strike the gong, not ring it … right?

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So everyone is talking about the whole Joshua Bell thing. Blogs abound. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone knows … something ….

Some say, “See? I told you we are a bunch of idiots who can’t recognize great art when we see it.” Those are the folks that just love to talk about how crude and uncultured we are. They will say our schools are awful and we spend too much money on sports. They probably don’t watch TV either.

Others say, “Out of context what do you expect, stupid people?” Those are the folks who have all the answers, but they probably won’t give them to you.

Then there are the, “Wrong place, wrong time,” people. The “What a dumb experiment—I’d have chosen a better location and a better time,” crowd.

And of course we have the, “People are too darn busy to stop,” folks. They are either the “The US needs to stop and smell the roses,” sorts or the “Gotta work, work, work” sorts.

Or, okay, maybe I’m telling you what these people are like and I’m entirely wrong. It could happen! But there are so many different ways to interpret the whole thing.


I’m a the glass has exactly 1/2 the liquid it could contain kind of person. Not half empty. Not half full. It just is and there you go. I can live with it. And I will. So some people listened. Some people didn’t. Some people liked it. Others didn’t. And kids are always cute and curious no matter what.

Or maybe I’m wrong about all of that too.

BUT … you have to visit this and enjoy Mr. Denk. He is a wonder, I tell you!

An oboe with a problematic reed. Truly.