Sometimes I like to try and play along with a recording … it forces me to be honest about entrances, and not just play when I’m good and ready. The high (tiny, seemingly insignificant to some, I’m sure) solo in Butterfly is one that I would like to practice that way. (FYI, it’s the one that includes the high D# grace note going to C# … know what I’m talking about? All the notes: 32nds: high A – B – D# grace note to C# to B back to a longer C#). Anyway, I guess all that isn’t helpful for some of you and the rest of you probably know exactly what I’m talking about (it appears a few times).

BUT … my recording is SO sharp (448) it’s baffling.

It’s extremely difficult to play the notes in tune while playing the recording, and playing THAT sharp is simply too darn painful. Even for this oboist who has often been told that she plays too sharp (and those notes, especially, are known to go sharp)! It’s difficult to listen to this recording anyway; the oboist isn’t exactly great. And no, I won’t tell you what recording it is!

Anyway, back to work I go ….

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You should never be too much involved… otherwise, you suffer and you can’t sing. This is what happened in the very first years I sang Madame Butterfly.

-Renata Scotto