15. April 2007 · Comments Off on News · Categories: imported, News

I was sorry to read that Roscoe Lee Browne has died. I saw him—maybe it was a year ago or so?—narrating L’Histoire du soldat. Loved that voice!

And I also read that “Tiny Bubbles Man”, Don Ho, died.

Hmmm. Don Imus. Don Ho. Is there a connection? I’m sorry, but that’s what immediately came to mind. Because I’m twisted that way. (For the record, I thought the firing appropriate and necessary. I know there are some who strongly disagree. Ah well. I am bothered, though, by that language being used by anyone.)

Anyway, I wasn’t really a Don Ho fan, but I sure knew that song. It’s one of those “never leaves completely” sort of tunes.

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