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Kitty Carlisle Hart 1910-2007

I first “met” (via TV) her on “To Tell The Truth”. I only knew her as Kitty Carlisle back then, although it does appear that she was already married to Moss Hart. I didn’t see A Night at the Opera until our older son, Brandon, got into the Marx Brothers. (No, I hadn’t seen any of their movies prior to that!) When I did see the movie I hadn’t a clue that that was Hart until I looked up the information online; I only thought she was a game show person! Sad, eh? (Sad on account of how clueless I am, I mean.)

I think I’ll have to pull out the movie in honor of her life sometime soon.

So in those days, they were scooping up any young person who could sing and look decent, ah, at the same time.

With a bit of courage and a dash of self-discipline, a small talent can go a long way.

-Kitty Carlisle Hart


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