I recently blogged about and posted a link to a José Carreras/Leonard Bernstein video. A reader (hi Selina!) emailed me to ask about what I had to say. One might think I don’t care for Carreras at all by what I wrote. I want to let readers know that is not the case. Although I’m not as familiar with him as I could be, I do enjoy his voice, and I have no problem with him singing opera. I just don’t care for putting most opera singers into musical theatre works … just as I don’t care to put musical theatre singers into opera productions. I think it takes a very unique individual (and yes, some do exist!) to be able to do both genres well. So there you go!

I also wonder about the short video … it seems to me that we are most likely missing the “rest of the story” and that, perhaps, things improved. One wonders, anyway! With Carreras still alive and all, might he have had something to say about such a negative video? But if we were able to watch more, I would hope we would see some better resolution, rather than just all the negative viewed on that video.

While I’m rambling, I thought I’d go ahead and let you know, too, that while I post many the MQOD (Music Quote of the Day) here, I don’t always agree with what I post. And I often don’t let you know how I feel. I’m guessing most of you would be able to figure out which I agree with and which I don’t the majority of the time, but in case you are thinking that if it’s up here it’s the gospel truth … don’t! 🙂

Opera this morning. Then a student. After that I guess I’ll “watch” the Giants game. (They’ve gone to FSN+ so I have to watch it via my computer. Sigh.) Sometimes life just isn’t fair! How could they do this to me? (Yes, I’m taking this very personally. As I should.)


  1. My understanding of the Bernstein/Carreras situation was that an ‘all-star’ opera cast was forced on Bernstein by the studio. It was a concession he was forced to make in order to be allowed to record his Trouble in Tahiti. The logic was that the increase in sales of WSS due to the ‘all-star’ cast was to make up for the inevitable commercial failure of TiT.

    If Carreras had been Bernstein’s choice (ie: if Bernstein had control over the situation) he would surely have been replaced (one thinks of Ernst Kozub’s eleventh-hour dismissal from the Solti Ring cycle – apparently he hadn’t learned the part – and his replacement with an ageing Wolfgang Windgassen).

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Interesting. Not anything I’d heard before. Why didn’t I get this information? I thought I knew everything! 😉

    Oh. Guess that isn’t true.

    Thanks for filling me in.

    So I guess Carreras has nothing to say about this (damaging?) video that’s out now?