18. April 2007 · Comments Off on I Just Don’t Get It! · Categories: imported, Ramble

A long time ago I was talking to a horn player who told me that when he went backpacking he always took his mouthpiece with him. At the time, I actually backpacked (amazing for this lazy good for nothing oboist) and I couldn’t fathom taking a mouthpiece (of course an oboe reed is a different beast than a horn mouthpiece) nor did I have any desire to have my instrument or “anything oboe” along with me. The only music I heard was the music in my head as I plodded along. (Unfortunately that music was often a jingle or a really lame song. But such is life!)

And now? Dan, my outside man of a husband, just sent me a link to this blog entry over at Two-Heel Drive (Hmmm. I wonder why I typed “Two-Hell Drive” first?). Unbelievable! The guy being blogged about (not the blogger, mind you) doesn’t just take his mouthpiece. He takes his horn.

Okay. So clearly he takes his instrument very seriously.

But does everyone else in the wilderness have to take it seriously, too? 😉

This does confirm my suspicions, though: while oboists are neurotic, horn players are just plain nuts.

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