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Trouble Becoming a member?

Some of you have had difficulty when trying to become a member here. If that’s the case, email me at pattyoboe [at] me [dot] com and I’ll sign you up manually and email you your password.

Sorry … yet one more problem here at times. This will all change when we do the old switcheroo! 🙂


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If you have tried to leave a message here last week you might have encountered problems. A few days ago, though, this was repaired, so if you want to try again, give it a go! Only members may leave comments; if you haven’t joined up, feel free to do so. Fill out the form, and then you will receive an automated response. If you have an email program that blocks unknown email addresses, though, we are stuck. Sorry! (I believe this this just happened to one of you, so I thought I’d explain here.) Try putting my email addresses in your address book first, maybe? patty [at] oboeinsight [dot] com as well as oboe [Macro error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “at” hasn’t been defined.]
speakeasy [dot] net.

Got it? 🙂

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Theatre is the oldest of the performing arts and has survived many crises before now. People coming together in a real space to watch a performance is an artform that cannot be killed off.

-Marie Zimmerman 1955-2007 (Wiener Festwoche Theatre Director)

(I prefer to view live performances of other sorts in the same way.)

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So when the Giants have a 5-2 lead in the top of the 7th, as they do now, I view it very much like having a great reed: you just know it could fall apart at any moment.


But … in any case … GO GIANTS!!

I hold on to hope concerning both “my” Giants and my reeds.

A girl’s allowed to dream, isn’t she?

Update (and a poem)

And, for once, a dream comes TRUE.
Woo hoo! They won, score 6 to 2.
So will my reeds respond in kind
or are the scoundrels baseball blind?

PEM 04.19.07


Opera San Jose is wrapping up its 2006-07 season with Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly,” a crowd pleaser that some find dated but most consider irresistible. It’s not at the level of “Tosca” or “La Bohe(gra)me”; it lacks their fabulous unwinding melodies. But Puccini is still Puccini, and the combination of his soulful music and Butterfly’s sad predicament drives the opera to its heights.

Read here. I’m guessing I’m just too much of an idiot to get the “Bohe(gra)me” but I’m sure someone out there can help me with this. Gently. So I don’t feel too horrible about myself and think I’m a total loser.

Oh. Wait. Too late for that! 😉

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Too cool, in an un-hip sort of way. 😉

When he entered high school, Rochelson told his teachers he hated opera. Then he started singing some. “Going to the opera would’ve definitely been a second choice to playing with my Game Boy,” he mused about his younger self. “Now I’m so happy that a love of classical music has been instilled in me … um, forced on me, I guess.”

Hmmm. I wonder how many things I’ve “hated” without really given them a chance.

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Many already know this, I’m guessing, but in case you don’t … Dwight Parry is the new oboist of the Cincinnatti Symphony Orchestra, replacing Liang Wang. Parry won’t fill the post until September 3.


In response to my little post about the wacky horn player, Tom Mangan has posted a few music jokes. A few viola music jokes. Hmmm. So I guess they are at least “close to music” jokes. You know … violas … well … um … you know …. 😉

Yes, violas have long been the mocked instruments of the orchestra. Even while trombones deserve more mockery. (Dan joined in the fun by posting a joke on Tom’s blog. Check it out. It’s very good. And very true.)

But in all fairness … here are a few oboe jokes:

How do you make an oboist play a sustained A-flat?
Steal the tuner batteries. (If you don’t get this one, feel free to ask! 😉

What is a burning oboe good for?
Setting a bassoon on fire.

What is the definition of a half step?
Two oboes playing in unison.

Hmmm. I think we need better jokes. Anyone have some to share?

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Hello Sir/Ma, how are you doing today ,i am very interested in your lesson ,my son is coming for an holiday pension in your area ,he is 14 years old,he know a little about this lesson, so i don’t want him to be less busy in the time of the days , so i have decided to let him atend your lesson , so he will be coming 1 hours in A DAY (9 am to 10 am) or time that you will have chance ,so i want you to calculate the cost for 2 week and send me the total cost ,i will be paying you with check ,so get back to me with your cost . i will like to hear from you soon. regard Cobi

Well, okay … another scam. (This is an exact copy & paste so typos are not mine.) They sure think we are stupid.

Maybe we are?

In Other News
I’m listening right now to Jameson singing over the radio. He’s inside the station’s studio. I’m outside in my car. (Hoorah for wireless access in San José, albeit a very weak signal.) His school vocal jazz groups won a competition. (I’m distressed that the original recordings sent in were from years ago, but I guess the radio station doesn’t mind about that.) The group sounds absolutely fantastic. Amazing, to be honest. This is live … and they sound incredibly great.

Oh … they’re done … gotta run!