Opera San Jose is wrapping up its 2006-07 season with Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly,” a crowd pleaser that some find dated but most consider irresistible. It’s not at the level of “Tosca” or “La Bohe(gra)me”; it lacks their fabulous unwinding melodies. But Puccini is still Puccini, and the combination of his soulful music and Butterfly’s sad predicament drives the opera to its heights.

Read here. I’m guessing I’m just too much of an idiot to get the “Bohe(gra)me” but I’m sure someone out there can help me with this. Gently. So I don’t feel too horrible about myself and think I’m a total loser.

Oh. Wait. Too late for that! 😉


  1. The “gra” will just be a formatting or coding thing or something (I’m not technically sound enough to know exactly what) – what’s supposed to be there is a grave accent over the ‘e’ (hence the gra-) but that hasn’t worked so you’re seeing the code which represents it instead. If that makes sense. Not some esoteric Puccini reference. If it is then we’re BOTH total losers who don’t get it. But it isn’t and we aren’t, so rejoice.


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ahhh … of COURSE!

    And now I know I really am totally entirely and ridculously stupid, because I should have easily figured that out. But I didn’t.

    Hmmm. Or maybe you are “merely” extremely and wonderfully intelligent … let’s deal with it that way and keep as as only “mildly stupid”. I like that better. 😉