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First The Reverberate Hills; or The Apotheosis of the Narwhal writes:

A friend of mine once pointed out that I’m the only person he knows who critiques the performance of the national anthem at each baseball game.

And I say … I need to meet his friend so he knows one more person who does this! (I just listened to Amy Grant and Vince Gill sing the national anthem prior to the Sharks and Predators game. (Go Sharks!) It was … well … it was as if they were singing a nice little lullaby. I nearly feel asleep. It was … pretty. Sort of bland. Like pretty can be. (Which is exactly why I am so thankful I’m not pretty. Who’d want to be BLAND anyway, huh?) 😉

But anyway … later he writes:

I also ended up at the Giants? last regular season game. In the few days between my buying the tickets and the actual game, the Giants went from wild-card contenders to possible spoilers to a team just playing out the string, which means I overpaid for the tickets. I hear people complain about theater ticket prices, but a few days before the game I had paid around $60 to sit about five feet away from Dawn Upshaw performing at Davies Hall and I spent almost as much to sit about a mile above Barry Bonds, and that’s not so far from the usual price for those seats. Plus I don’t think Davies Hall charges as much for beer.

(First of all may I admit my envy … I want to see and hear Dawn Upshaw some day. Sigh.) But … yep, yep. I get quite weary of people saying opera and symphony are too expensive when they will go to a sports event or a rock concert and pay even more. (And if they are Streisand fans, well, they should just be shamed like crazy, considering what she charged.)

Ah well. People. They are nuts, no?

Except, of course, you and me.

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… if our composers are younger.

If you listen to this piece you will immediately notice that this is a composer who has a background in rock music,” said Järvi. “The way he uses rhythms and percussion, it gives a certain groove to the music

Would I? Would I think rock music? I’m not sure. I guess I’d have to hear it. If there were words … “Oh baby” or something … well … then for sure.

Seen here.

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Wordsworth Rap.

Read the poem.

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Perhaps one of the most ridiculous instruments to play is the oboe.

-Cooper Wright

Read more here. Cooper hits the nail on the head when it comes to the insanity called oboe.