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Oh dear, this could be addictive! I read about this over at adventures of an idaho violist, So I went for it. I decided to Ask the Magic Eight Ball. And here’s what I now know:

Is it time to retire?
Very doubtful.

Do you like my oboe playing?
Signs point to yes.

Will I ever make a decent oboe reed?
Most likely.

Is it time to paint our bedroom?
As I see it, yes.

Will I get any summer work?
Very doubtful.

and, UGH …
Should I do the yard work myself?
It is decidedly so.

Well, obviously this 8 ball has a major problem. It started out okay, but then it must have gotten confused.

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What humiliation
What anguish
What a pitiful fate!

The final lines of the opera, sung by Onegin.

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I came home to find that Eugene Onegin is on PBS. Rats. It’s too late to record it now.

But anyway … they are now playing the Polonaise. When I did this opera the company shortened that piece quite a lot (and I believe we skipped almost all of the following piece). The only time I play the Polonaise in its entirely is during our annual Ballet San José production of The Nutcracker.

Yes, you read that correctly. I will remain silent on that subject except to say … Wow! The tempo I’m hearing now is so refreshing! Our ballet likes to really slow things down.

Opera had its moments today. Some interesting* little things occurred. I’m not sure the audience knew a thing, though. I didn’t do anything incredibly wrong, but I just felt a disconnect that I hate feeling. It happens ….

Now we have a day off. Good old Monday: catch up day. Time to dust, vacuum, and, I hope, look (and even do something about) reeds!

*Interesting … is an interesting word to use for when things go wrong, or when you don’t like something. (As in, “That dinner was … um … interesting!”) Funny … and interesting … don’t you think?

I wonder how it will end?

Charles Noble is writing about his recent audition experience Hmmm. I’m not young, certain, and I’m not even his age (38), but am I an “elder statesman”? At 50 I’m not sure where I fall. But I am sure I don’t take auditions! I like what I’ve got.

A little bit of this.
A little bit of that.
The stage.
The pit.
That’s where.
it’s at.

(Ah yes, so many reasons I’m not a poet! But now you have to tell me what I’m basing the “poem” on. I’m sure Mike R will get it!)

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Yes, playing in churches can probably be done. Playing in young, hip places, yes. But the bottom line is, there’s no way to deny we are a classical orchestra.

-Carlos Kalmar