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Read the “Guide to get the most of arts experience”. Included are these:

What to wear
To the symphony: Dress at most concerts ranges from students in sweatshirts and flip-flops to ladies in gowns and men in tuxedos. You?ll probably be most at home with something in between.

To the opera: A night at the opera does not have to be akin to attending the adult prom. Just obey the basic dress guidelines (shirt and shoes), although you might feel most at home in a mix of business/church attire.

A refreshing intermission: Most classical music concerts are at the Koger Center, where you can get a glass of wine, M&Ms and the weakest Starbucks coffee on the planet, but at half the price of a regular Starbucks. And if the music isn?t stunning, the sunsets on the terrace by the entrance can be. At least until that new parking garage is completed.

A great deal: Concerts at the USC School of Music recital hall. You might hear a top-notch faculty member or a high-profile guest performer. The music ranges from all electronic computer pieces to pipe organ recitals. And it?s almost all free. But beware of students attending to fulfill a course requirement who don?t mind making it known they?d rather be playing ?Ratchet and Clank.?

The one big rule for concerts and plays: Be on time. Nothing ruins a great performance like a squeaky door. In most cases, tardy patrons will have to wait until there is a break in the action before they can enter. Some will even be shut out for an entire act.

… but the thing that really got me? This:

A worthwhile splurge is $30 for one of the Charles Wadsworth chamber music concerts at the art museum.

SPLURGE?! Hah! $30 hardly seems like a splurge. At least around here. At least to me. Is this the difference between South Caroline and California?

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