Someone landed here doing a search on the above.

So … well … okay. Why not?

A 20 minute pretty darn lame poem for you—

It’s not that I expect each one to make
the oboe his career. It’s not that I
would tell a student to pursue and take
the path I chose. I won’t cajole and cry,
I won’t manipulate. I cannot shove
you into busy weekends and low pay
although this truly is the life I love.
I must confess it’s fun to say I play
and work, doing the two at once. Can you
proclaim the same? But don’t think I would force
someone to major in the field —it’s true
we also need an audience, of course!

PEM 4/23/07

Yes, I’ll stick to my day night whenever job. 🙂

Moving on …
Someone else searched on “normal life of an oboe reed”. Hmmm. What to say? The normal life of an oboe reed is … wake up, take a little water bath, climb into oboe, get a bit of a workout, go back into reed case, sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


  1. Repeat. Repeat. Then crack or die.

  2. Repeat. Repeat. Then crack or die.

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    And isn’t THAT the truth? Sigh.

    Sometimes it’s merely one repeat … or not even one.

    The reed life is simply a very unfair one, don’t you think?