Only in the pathetic museum world of classical music would anyone complain about a girl being semi-naked on an album cover.

-Don’t know who this is, but RTWT here

Hmmm. “Only”? Strong word!


  1. I, for one, look forward to the death of “the death of classical music” series.  Reading between the lines, I get the sense that pretty much everybody who feigns angst over this “death” are people who have never cared about classical music and who are uncomfortable with people who do care.  Would it be shocking to learn there are people who don’t resonate to, say rap concerts?  I mean, these events also have their own standards of dress and decorum — dare we say “ritual”? — and we’d be made to feel uncomfortable if we chose to violate those standards in some obvious way.  Can we start an endless lament on “the death of rap”?  Let’s not.

  2. Now I am envisioning a half-dress Michael W. Smith, or Darlene Zscech. I think the CCM world would get pretty pissed at a half dressed anyone on an album!

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Ya think? 😉

    I used to have a ton of CCM CDs. (I do still own a bunch.) Never saw anyone half-clad, I must admit. But with the way a lot of churches are into marketing and being relevant maybe they’ll want to give it a go. I’ll ask the pastor of my former church. (I left because, I guess, I’m just not into relevance. Just truth. Ooh … now I sound like a total snob. Sorry!)

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes, it would be nice to see the “death of the death of” … heh. 😉

    I’m not sure Lebrecht really doesn’t care about classical music. But of course I DO know he says Mozart isn’t all that great so I don’t take much of what he says with any sort of seriousness. As to others … who knows? Who even cares? They will be long gone and we’ll still have symphony concerts, I do believe.