“… has frequently performed with … Opera San Jose…”

Heh. The person who has this in a bio hasn’t played with OSJ much at all, and I believe it’s probably been at least 8 years.

Bios. They must be taken with a grain of salt. Trust me.


  1. Indeed. I also love the pictures that go with these bios making everyone look young and astonishingly beautiful, regardless of the current age of the person.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    They are silly, aren’t they? You look at your program and see a young face, look up at the soloist, look back down and wonder, “Just how long ago was this taken?!)

    Personally, I wish bios contained more personal information … I’m more interested in the person than in their credentials. I figure their playing will tell me all I need to know about who they are as musicians. So while so many people say it’s unprofessional, I like to hear about their families or what they do when they aren’t doing music. I’m goofy that way, I guess.

  3. Yeah. My bio that I send out always includes things like “Jen is the third worst skier in Idaho!” and something about my dogs, or husband, or whatever.  No one cares where I went to school, or who I studied with, or any of that crap.  They can ask afterwards if they are really that curious.

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Exactly! When I go to a concert and there is a soloist, I assume the player has a right to be there and I don’t really care to see his or her “credentials”. Just play, doggone it … show me, don’t tell me! (Of course if the player is bad I then read the bio and often laugh about it.) I want to know what makes the person the person … unique and interesting. A music history background doesn’t do that for me.