28. April 2007 · Comments Off on It Was The Stupid Reed · Categories: imported, Ramble

Or should it be “It was the reed, stupid!”?

I guess my feeling as if it was the OBOE was merely panic mode; once the first reed didn’t work nothing worked because I was freaking out.

Pulling out the instrument today, I went over the top joint, where I was just sure there was a problem. Not so. Then I pulled out what I thought, since it behaved so well at the Tuesday performance and orchestration class, was WonderReed™ and, lo and behold, it’s turned into a piece of junk.

Ah reeds … they love to keep us guessing.

So now it’s back to the reed board, although of course that would be the case no matter what.

While I do have my reed assessment page (since removed) up and running, please know I certainly understand the plight of these reed makers. What appears to be grand and glorious one day may be garbage the next.

Or at least that’s the way it works for me.

I’ll tell you, reeds are crazy making. Horrible, awful, no good crazy making things.

Meanwhile …
Sniff, sniff, sneeze.

I walked downtown to do some banking. I just “happened” by Jamba Juice at the same time (wonder of wonders!) and picked up a pretzel and drink (yum!). Problem is, I’m highly allergic to some trees that are dropping blossoms right now. So I’m in misery even as I indulge in my little lunch. Such is life.

Right now I’m watching the Sharks. It’s 2-0, good guys, and they are still in the first period. Cool. GO SHARKS!

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