It is a coincidence that these two words rhyme, cause me great distress, and won’t behave?

Now if only my reeds would flourish like weeds, and my weeds would fail like my reeds, I’d be a much happpier camper. But I am currently a Most Unhappy Camper. I’ve been working, working, working on reeds. Nothing feels right. The cane feels yucky, the crows are all horrible, and after a while I started seeing only bizarre foreign objects in front of me, as my brain went into lala land and couldn’t even fathom reed making any longer.

Why do I sometimes feel as if I’m the only person in the world who can’t seem to get a reed when I work diligently? Often I can get a RushReed™ out of desperation. But diligence? It’s simply not paying off!

Okay … grumble over.

For now.

Perhaps I should blame this Very Bad Reed Day on the Sharks and their sad loss. Or the Yankees and their win. Hmmm. Maybe both.

Reed woes couldn’t be my fault, could they? 😉


  1. Ah yes, weeds. You are not the only one. Don’t you think there should be a booth at the IDRS convention called “reed swap meet”? Everyone would go dump their reeds in exchange for other people’s rejects, which we’d naturally like better than our own. Because everyone is a better reed maker than us. (Thinks every oboist…or at least you and me.)

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Maybe it’s really sick of me, but I’m SO glad to hear that you, too, struggle. I do feel as if I’m the only one. Really. All the time.

    I think a “reed swap meet” should be situated right next to the “black clothes swap meet”. 🙂