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“So it’s like a symphony, right? The piston goes down, and comes back up.”

What is it with ad companies and using music as some sort of metaphor or example for whatever they’re advertising? And how the heck is a piston going down and coming back up like a symphony?

Of course advertisers and newspapers love to use the symphony lingo. You can’t escape it, as I’m sure you’ve found.

Here’s one for you:

  • Quartet of shutterbugs comes together in symphony of shots

  • And then there are those headlines for actual music articles:

  • Trying to tune up symphony finances
  • Rankin composes himself to write an opera
  • Getting a Handel on classical-music sites
  • Grand Opera ends season on high note
  • Yeah, they aren’t very creative, are they? And you know there are so many more I could paste here for you. But … well … I’m nicer than that. 😉

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    I like Wagner’s music much better than anybody’s. It’s so loud that one can talk the whole time without people hearing you.

    -Bob Marley