02. May 2007 · 3 comments · Categories: imported

I was checking out Branagh’s Magic Flute at imdb. Scrolling to the bottom of the page I read this: “If you enjoyed this title, our database also recommends” … and I know you you wanna know what they’d recommend, yes? Probably other operas. Maybe some more Kenneth Branagh movies.

  • Spaceballs
  • The Thief of Baghdad (not the Fairbanks verson)
  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
  • The Flight of Dragons

  • Go figure.

    (I really do want to see Flute … anyone know if it’s coming to a theatre near me sometime soon?)

    In other news … we are still struggling with problems as some of you may have noticed. You try to get here and can’t, right? Well, it’s not a problem here at home, from what Dan says, but Userland issue. I’ve been contemplating moving all of my stuff to something like Blogger, but I’ve not a clue how to go about doing that, what with all that I have here. If anyone has any recommendations or advice feel free to contact me.


    1. A.C. Douglas

      I’m afraid you’re pretty much S.O.L.  Manila doesn’t have an export function, and Blogger has no import function.  TypePad, of course, has both export and import functions, but has no specific provision for importing posts from Manila blogs.  If you moved to TypePad you’d have two ways to move your existing posts over, neither of them in the least practical.

      1:  Move them over post by post by COPYing the text for each post from your Manila blog, and PASTing each into a new post on TypePad.

      2: Create a text file in your word processor that contains the PASTEd texts of each of your Manila blog posts, each with an added “header” that comports with TypePad’s specs (nothing complicated about creating the headers which are simple in form), then IMPORT the file into TypePad using TypePad’s import function.

      As I’ve already remarked, neither method is a practical thing to do.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.


    2. Patricia Mitchell

      Sigh. I suspected as much. I think Userland is trying to figure out what’s up, but this is mighty frustrating. Then again, maybe this is a message to me … maybe I’m being told to stop blogging …??

      Naw. Or at least I hope not!

      Thanks so much for filling me in on the chore I’d have if I were to switch. (I do have all of my information pages saved in TextWrangler, so at least those wouldn’t be too difficult ..?)

    3. Spaceballs is the perfect companion piece to Magic Flute.