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Going back to Butterfly after not having played it since Sunday was … well … darn tiring! Funny how quickly I forgot that it’s one exhausting opera.

BUT … the big question is … am I getting sick? I feel as if I’m getting achy and I just had a “chill moment” where I immediately thought, “Gee, am I getting a fever?”

I can’t get sick, I can’t get sick, I can’t get sick.

Unless I’m sick for only tomorrow; both students canceled and I can easily cancel out on the other things I have on the calendar.

Illness isn’t really an option for a per service (you play, they pay, you don’t, they won’t) musician.

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Winning an audition, by any chance?

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Listen to classical music at home, both for baby at moderate volume levels and at regular volume for the entire family.

It’s the old Classical music is good for you thing again. But I’m trying to figure out volume levels. Moderate vs regular? I could use a little help. 😉

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Someone landed here after doing a yahoo search on “oboe essay” so I went to the search page to see what else was there, and that took me to an actual oboe essay.

I really dislike the whole duck thing. Oh well.

And why was someone looking for an oboe essay anyway? Write yer own! 😉

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Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!

-J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 1997