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Dalke, by the by, is the concert mistress for the symphony, which if you don’t know what that is, is important. If the conductor is the general then the concertmaster or mistress is the master sergeant. Most importantly, the orchestra tunes to her violin.

Several things about this one:

  • Sally Dalke plays in Opera San José, so it’s fun to see her name in the article and see what she has coming up.
  • A lot of women prefer concertmaster to concertmistress and I haven’t a clue why the writer writes concertmaster as one word but concertmistress as two.
  • And … tunes to her violin ?? … so what the heck happened to the oboist?
  • And yes … I’m doing a bit of blogging as I sit and watch the Giants play. (So far the Bad Guys are ahead 0-2.) Today has been a somewhat odd day, as I had a wonderful (longer than we thought) visit with a friend and then no students (cancellations galore this week). I’m feeling a bit odd — just allergies, I think — so I’ve been good for nothing. Or maybe less than nothing.

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