… on replacing “us” with “that”. Yeah … the old computers can sound like musicians thing.



I read the article and I did the sound test and yes, I could hear the difference. I got it right. I’m guessing a lot of people couldn’t, with the clip they provide, because the main voice is clarinet and I think that’s an easier instrument to pull off. If they had chosen the slow movement of Eroica you can bet that most anyone with an ear would hear a fake oboe. It’s just too darn obvious.

But in any case, I still say that musicians have souls and computers do not and no matter what there is just something unique about a person playing an instrument that you won’t get with a computer.

And yes, of course I’m biased. You can’t expect me to be otherwise, can you?


  1. I found it rather obvious which was which, and I don’t consider myself to have an expectional ear.

    Had I just been listening to this music casually in the back ground I probably wouldn’t have noticed it right away, but if you actually take a moment to listen to the music, you can tell which is the computer in under 30 seconds.

    I guess, if composers want thier music to be played as back-ground noise in a shopping mall or something, the computer could pass, because there is enough other noise, and people really aren’t listening with an ear to the music, at least for the most part.

    But to use fake instruments in live music? Live music is when I have a tendancy to listen *most* closely and to really let myself fall into the sound, and the emotion or it all, plus you can tell when the visual, (watching the instrumentalists/vocalists) doesn’t line up with the preformance sound, and it feels very disconserting.

    I guess another thing that just occured to me is, that so many people throw a fit when it comes out that a vocalist has been lip-synching, even to a recording of thier own voice, because people want to hear “live” sound, isn’t this far worse than lip-synching though? It’s not even a human producing the recording… I would therefore expect an equally if not more ferverent protest against the use of computers for live preformances, but I guess people don’t care?

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep … you got it, Gwen; people don’t care. I don’t know if it’s an education problem, as some say, so much as it’s a apathy problem.

    Anyway, nice to hear that you could tell the diff! What about your family … do you think they call could as well? Friends? I wonder!