15. May 2007 · Comments Off on Seeing Double? · Categories: imported, Ramble

This double posting is nuts. I’m going to be posting only at oboeinsight for now.

It looks as if I may be using WordPress eventually, because it allows “pages” to be built, which is definitely what I need. It’s just that I have to do other things first (for one thing, taking care of my URL so it can “travel” with me), and I need help for that. Because I’m not a smart computer person. Just an oboist.

I know some of you like the look of my blogger site more than oboeinsight. I’m with you. I tried checking out other templates at that site to, I was hoping, make us happier, but so far none of their offerings were even available any more. Go figure.

I want something simpler, less in your face.


So anyhoo, please stick to oboeinsight for the time being. Pretty please? 🙂