18. May 2007 · Comments Off on And Another Difference … · Categories: imported, Ramble

…between singers and instrumentalists, brought to you by singin’rin:

Tonight was a very difficult night to pull off. My “sister” our Fiordiligi has lost her voice and decided to lipsink to her cover who was singing from a pretty far balcony in the house.

Of course if I lose my voice I can still play. But we’d never sit and pretend to play while someone off stage played our part. That would just be too darn weird! But singers sometimes do this. And I find it amazing, and a bit befuddling.

I tell you, singers and instrumentalists just have different “issues”. While we all are doing music, the singer’s life seems so foreign to me. And more personal, really. We can always throw our instrument away and get a new one if we have to. Singers don’t have that kind of option.

They also don’t make oboe reeds.

Hmmm. Maybe they’d like to learn?

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