I’m thinking (again) about reorganizing music blog links. I’m probably going to remove a few too. Don’t take it (too) personally; if your blog isn’t updated a lot (and so many are slow to post these days), if it isn’t really about music, or for some other random pattyreason™ I may take it down for now. I’ll still check out those blogs on occasion. Really.

Via Jason Heath I landed at (or is it on?) this blog by a horn player, and that will most certainly be added to the list. Since I’m a performer I especially enjoy reading performers’ blogs. Sometimes they make me feel like I’m not so insane as I fear. Other times they make me realize how good I have it with my jobs. And of course there are those Envy Times as well. But that’s okay. I really don’t get horribly envious, as it doesn’t suit me well.

In any case, if I remove you and you want to be added back in, just say the word.


  1. Yay!  Made the cut – thanks Patty, and keep up the terrific work in the blogosphere!
    All the best,


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    🙂 Happy to have you here, Hugh!