So it appears I’m becoming less popular as I continue this blog. Ah well. What’s a double reed player to do? The last time Scott did this I was #15. Wow. #15. Not bad, eh?


I’m 29. And I’m not talking my age.

As I wrote (altered slightly) as a comment at Scott’s:

Ah the lonely oboist;
She plays a lowly reed.
And slowly she moves down the list—
she isn’t what they need.
They do not care to hear her whine.
They do not read her all day long.
And so she sits, alone and sad,
her pity party going strong.

Tee hee.

But then … lookee here! Roger Bourland graciously offered to move me to 28. What a guy, eh? 🙂

And yes, as Roger points out, if I move to a different blog server I have to start all over again.

Starting all over again is gonna be rough. So rough.


  1. Roger Bourland

    You should just do it Patti. You won’t regret it. So, your technrati rankings will “seem” less, but they won’t be. You can have anyone that tries to access your old blog redirected to your new one.
    Go for it!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Oh I’m definitely going to change over … we are STILL constantly crashing and we aren’t willing to put up with this much longer. My husband is first moving something else so he can see how it all works. So it’ll happen. It’s just taking some time. 🙂

    Thanks, Roger! I always find you encouraging. I appreciate that. (Maybe someday we’ll even meet in person … too bad I hadn’t “met” you—meaning online—while our older son was at UCLA.)

  3. Roger Bourland

    Patti: FYI, I couldn’t access your blog at all last night. It’s a sign.

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Argh. Most definitely a very clear sign. Sigh.

    Of course today Dan is off to Yosemite and I have “places to go, things to do” but soon … I promise!