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… and of course that is not at all unusual.

The New York Times has a pretty positive article about San José. They even mention both Symphony Silicon Valley and Opera San José. (And for once there is no mention of the San Jose Symphony’s (RIP) demise.)

BUT … at the top of this article I see this:

Central and South America > Costa Rica > San Jose
Next Stop | San Jose, Calif.
A Dot-Com City Comes Back After the Collapse
Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

The article really is about San José, California, even though we first read Central and South America > Costa Rica > San Jose. And since the line right under that says “Next Stop San Jose, Calif” (Who, by the way, still abbreviates the states that way? It’s just CA, yes?) I suppose this can make sense. But if you click on the links under the “San Jose Travel Guide” you are taken back to Costa Rica.

Hmmm. I think that’s an error, but maybe I’m just too stupid to understand what the Times is doing. After all, I’m from the wacky west. 😉

In any case … ramble, ramble … it’s nice to see such a positive piece, even if it isn’t all together true.

For instance, I’m not at all sure that we San Joséans have a “positive image” about our city. I’ve never felt as if we had a core about us. Maybe, with the new city hall, that will change, but we are such a “spawl city” kind of place. Those of is in the (quick now, put your nose in the air and speak in a hoity toity voice) Willow Glen don’t usually say we are from San José. We instead say “I’m from Willow Glen” or, if we want to help the listener out a bit more, “I’m from the Willow Glen area of San José.”

But I ramble. As always. Mostly I was just pleased to see the NYT feature my “little” (hah!) town, and then was curious about the Costa Rica links.

Oh … and they say housing is affordable.

I can’t stop laughing.

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