If any of you oboists don’t yet own Saint-Saëns’ Sonata for Oboe and Piano you can now download it … for free! I guess it’s no longer under copyright. Cool eh?

My understanding is that this is all legal. I’m a stickler about copyright laws, so if I’m wrong do let me know please. But the International Music Score Library Project is well worth a look-see … and a download or two. Or three. Or more. 🙂

I’m “borrowing” this, but I certainly give credit where credit is due, so thanks to The Reverberate Hills; or The Apotheosis of the Narwhal.

Actual dialogue overheard in the lower lobby of the Pittsburgh Opera House during a Billy Budd intermission:

Wife: What was that other Billy musical we saw?
Husband: (after a pause) Billy Elliott.

This was far too hysterical (If you don’t know why, you need to ask me. In private. So as not to embarrass yourself. Even though I clearly am not afraid of embarrassing myself.) and I had to post it.

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Mohammed Qassim plays the violin — a beautiful 19th century violin that he bought in Czechoslovakia 25 years ago and has treasured ever since. But in a raid on his apartment building by U.S. and Iraqi soldiers, his priceless instrument was taken out of its case and smashed to pieces.

I think they mean he played that violin. Stupid soldiers. Stupid war.


Video Here

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You know how it is as a teenager … you don’t know which college will accept you. You don’t know if that guy you have a crush on will like you. And then this:

The conductor, Shalom Riklis, said to me: ‘Listen, you don’t know how to play and you don’t know how to read music, but we’re missing a second oboist. If you can fit in, fine – if not, to the artillery.

Yeah, oboe or artillery? RTWT

Driven to excellence in everything she does, Samanatha has been known to practice her oboe in the snow on climbing treks as well as study to keep her grades up.

Um. Really not all that smart to practice in the snow, unless the oboe is plastic. So I wonder if that part of the article is really true. Still, this girl has a whole lot more ambition than I. (Okay, maybe that’s not really saying much, eh?) Kudos to the youngest person to climb Everest.

Me? I climbed out of bed this morning. Not bad, eh?

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Uncertainty, even terror, during a performance can lead to magical results.

-Frances Tietov (harpist of Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, read here)