Read at another musician’s site:

My latest *bells and whistles* in the purchasing department

*scoring a new pair of shimmering green cloisine-like camper sandals that have lemonade-colored rubber wedged heels

Now would this be an oboist? Brass player? Just what instrumentalist would be excited about these sandals?

Wanna guess? 😉

(Yes, I do stereotype. Sorry. It’s what we oboists do.)


  1. Ooh! Is it a flute player??? OR a second violinst? Second violinists usually have flamboyant tastes.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Nope. Flute is a good guess, since they are the Fancy Ones. I hadn’t realized about second violinists. Now I’m gonna have to check them out and see about that!

    Keep guessing. I’ll give hints. Eventually. (I’m afraid even one hint and everyone will know … I’m easy that way.)

  3. Jeanette Clemons

    Definitely not a bassooneur or percussionist. I say Flutist with the full knowledge that I joined IDRS…but wear bright SPRING GREEN KEENS to work.

    Gustav (JLC)

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep, not a bassoonist or percussionist. 🙂

    And not a flutist either.

  5. Huh. Sometimes the girls in the percussion section can be sassy…Percussionists like toys and accessories. Is it a percussionist??  But I think I’d be really surprised.