As sexy as the earlier video? I dunno. Funny. You bet!

I wish I could put YouTube videos up here, but so far they don’t work with Manila. (And YES, I want to switch and dump this, really I do … but patience! I have to wait until things are figured out so that I don’t run into too many problems when I finally go for it!)

Anyway … ramble ramble … since I can’t put YouTube videos here, go visit this at Chris Foley’s site. I loved this one.

Sexy piano. Sexy pianists.


Hmmm. Somehow I’m not sure it would work.

I have, though, played Piazzolla. Great fun. And yes, seductive sort of stuff. And I’ve played Tango Barroco by Michael Touchi. And that was the closest I’ve ever felt to being a … hmmm … “sexy oboist” sounds like an oxymoron, yes?

25. May 2007 · Comments Off on New Rochester Phil Principal Oboist · Categories: imported, News

If you’ve felt somewhat uncentered at Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra concerts in the past year, it might have been because the orchestra was trading oboe players like baseball cards in order to find just the right match. The RPO announced Thursday it found its new star pitcher (aka oboist) Erik Behr.

Behr, 28, will leave his position as principal oboist with the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet, which he has held since 2005, to join the RPO.


The dominoes keep falling ….

(I’ve read that Jeffrey Stephenson will be taking the Houston jobs for the upcoming year.)

At last I heard the music of the drums and shamisen, and the whisking noise of the clothing as the other dancers moved quickly past me onto the stage; but it’s very hard for me to remember anything afterward. I’m sure I raised my arms with my folding fan closed and my knees bent—for this was the position in which I made my entrance. I heard no suggestion afterward that I’d missed my cue, but all I remember clearly is watching my own ams with amazement at the sureness and evenness with which they moved. I’d practiced this dance any number of times; I suppose that must have been enough. Because although my mind had shut down completely, I perfromed my role without any difficulty or nervousness.

-Arthur Golden (Memoirs of a Geisha, these are the words of the main character)

Yes. This is sometimes the way it feels when one has prepared very well. And if the brain shuts down, so be it. The body knows what to do. My fingers have done this at times. I’m always amazed.

Practice. Good practice. It works.