Yes, this site was down from sometime shortly after 11:00 PM until I reset things this morning after 8:00.

Dan … Kelsey … I need to switch to WordPress. Help!

I’m losing reeders and readers, I’m sure. I do apologize, folks. It shouldn’t be this way. Really.

In Other News
Three students (one new!) and two services today. (Music lingo: one service is a rehearsal or performance) It’s Play! time. (No, not the movie, which I do happen to own.)

We had one rehearsal yesterday, and today we move on to the stage and work with the video. I have to remember to bring my camera … I’m hoping some of the costumed attendees will allow me to take their pictures. We’ll see!


  1. I understand your frustration.  Before Blogger unveiled their new servers last year, my blog used to go down arbitrarily, sometimes for 6-12 hours.  Absolutely infuriating!  I usually use my RSS reader to read your posts, and I don’t ever remember having a problem accessing your feed.  I wonder if your feed stays up even if your site goes down..I don’t know anything about feeds…

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Thanks, Jason. I don’t know how feeds work either. Heck, I don’t know how computers work! (Nor do I know how most anything works. I’m stupid that way!)

    I’ll be moving to WordPress soon, I’m sure. It’s just that someone has to be around to help me, and I’m often “deserted” by family members. Go figure!