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The Giants just finished losing their third game in a row (the third time is so often not the charm). No one is home, I’ve had a bit of a nap (ball games can do that to me sometimes) and I’m pretty much unemployed with no urgent music to practice (sure, reeds would be a good idea … but we won’t go there, will we?). So I was busy being lazy while semi-moping here in the family room. Doing a bit of TV hopping, too lazy to even see what is on, I only haphazardly land on a local PBS station to find that the overture to The Barber of Seville has already begun. Wouldn’t you know it? I really need to check the Great Performances schedule more frequently. Ah well. At least I’ll see the rest of the Met broadcast.

I love this opera, and hearing it again brings back fun memories. It’s such a joy to play and hear.

Funny, but this morning was the first time I’d heard Juan Diego Flórez sing at all, in this video. (Would you have recognized Pavarotti? I sure didn’t!)

Update Wow! The aria with the very fast tonguing for first oboe is slower than we’ve taken it. I’d not have to worry about this tempo at all. Amazing!

I’m really enjoying the opera. 🙂

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