Fanime Convention. It isn’t something I’d normally get close to. It’s just night my cuppa if you know what I mean.

But there I was, in some foreign land. And these characters were more than happy to let me snap pictures. (And yes I know, it’s fairly clear that I’m not a photographer! That talent was given to someone else in the family.)

Fanime2: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention  Fanime3: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention
I’m guessing that some readers may recognize these characters. I sure don’t. I also didn’t recognize the music we played, even though my kids have been known to play some of these games.

Fanime4: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention  Fanime1: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention
I was surprised that there weren’t many costumed folks at our performance tonight. The hall also wasn’t sold out. Maybe this crowd—anime rather than gamers?—aren’t as interested in the music. Or maybe they just spent all of their money on costumes!

These two were awfully cute!

Fanime5: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention

Fanime6: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention

And this guy … well … seems like maybe he should have been in Village People, you know?

 Fanime7: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention  Yes, some were wearing very little.

And then …

Fanime8: May 26, 2007, Fanime Convention
What the heck was a Storm Trooper doing there?

As I walked to dinner, I saw some pirates as well. In front of the movie theatre … for that little movie starring that guy. You know. The every youthful and quite mesmerizing Mr. Depp.


  1. I thought you’d be amused to know that I read Fanime Convention as “Famine Convention” as was sort of wondering what that would be about. I thought the costuming choices were very odd for trying to do something abuot world hunger…..durrr

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Heh. My husband actually read the same thing! I’m not sure if this is saying something about the two of you, or if it says something about the Fanime folks and their name, as they are all starving for attention.

    Um. Sorry. Bad joke.

    (Clearly they are looking for attention, though!)