28. May 2007 · Comments Off on I Knew It Would Be Up Somewhere · Categories: imported, Videos

… and maybe we’ll see more as time goes on. The Play! show that took place during the San José Fanimecon, is now up at YouTube. Just one tune … in case you’e interested. Not a great video, to say the least, (bad visually, sound is awful) but it might give you an idea of what we were doing. I think other tunes would have been better choices, really. (This kind of sounds like something a marching band might use for a show…?)

The video screen sometimes showed clips of the game, sometimes showed us. (In this instance I’m only seeing the orchestra—I’d heard they were having trouble finding some of the video clips.) The principal oboist was suggesting that a huge screen would be great for kiddie shows; rather than seeing the conductor only from the back, they could see what she or he does. And hey, maybe then we wouldn’t get any sour looks, eh?! 😉 Not that a conductor would EVER do that.

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