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I attended Lynbrook High School in San Jose, but it was quite some time ago. (I graduated in 1974.) When I was there we were well known for our band. We had three bands, and there was no doubt which was the top, as the bands were named “A”, “B” and “C”. “A” band was a very strong group, and all the bands had a very demanding and, dare I say it, often abusive conductor. Oh, but did he ever get us to play well! Making girls cry and throwing boys up against a wall can do that I guess. Or at least it did back then! But fear and intimidation is no longer in style (thank goodness!), and I doubt the current director would get away with the things my director did. Nor would he even try, I’m sure.

When I was there, though, we didn’t have a full orchestra. The strings were few and far between. That’s certainly changed! I am currently watching this. It’s quite impressive. A junior from the school is playing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the school’s orchestra. The soloist is soon to be leaving for Curtis. Not bad!

(To continue with the concerto you have to go to part two and part three.)

I’ll have to ask my student, Nicole, if she was involved in this concert. I’m assuming so. Nicole, are you reading this? I do know it must be you on English horn playing in the band video … at least that looks like you when he acknowledges the English horn. I sure wish I could have been there. Rats.

Anyway, what fun to locate these videos! Too bad classical music is dead, eh? 😉

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