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There were times, with a former orchestra in which I played, when I was so fearful about a concert I felt might fall apart. When I’d get home Dan would ask, “How did it go?” My response was often, “Well, we didn’t have to stop.”

Of course that was the best thing I could say about the concert sometimes!

So just now I read this:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that all seemed to be going well when suddenly things fell apart and Welser-Möst said, “Sorry.” He directed the ensemble to begin a few bars back, but the performance derailed a second time.

“You see how difficult this is,” Welser-Möst said to the audience. “It worked this morning.”

Yikes! They really DID have to stop. How painful.

Whenever I’ve thought that might happen, I have one of those “heart falling on the floor” moments. You know how that feels, right? Not. Fun. At. All.

Sounds like Welser-Möst handled it well, though. What can you do but make a little joke?

We aren’t brain surgeons. So we can have a “do over” if we need one … can’t we?

In the same article we read that Bronfman had a piano problem. (Not his fault, but a sticking key.)

Stuff happens. Reeds break. Water gets in keys. Pads fall out. (I played a concert once where the clarinet player lost a pad in the middle of a performance and it went rolling away. I couldn’t help but laugh.) Strings break. And brass players fall asleep.

Oh … that last one isn’t okay … is it? 😉

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Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe this video is just cute to anyone else. But I cringe when I see a five year old sitting on a bed, tooting on an oboe, with a baby crawling around nearby. I see so many things that could go wrong. The baby could bash into the girl and the reed could get rammed into her soft palate. (At one point the baby grabs the bell of the oboe … yikes!) The girl could drop the oboe on the floor. Not to mention she could chomp on the reed.

But like I said, maybe I’m just paranoid.

Or maybe I’m a mom.

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Today is my second to last Tuesday on the UCSC campus for the year. It’s not my last day on campus, though; I’ll be attending The Magic Flute this Sunday. I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing it!

I am planning on updating my Musicians’ Etiquette page soon. I think I’ll also make it a bit more “present” at the site. Some things I’m going to be adding will include dealing with contractors, and a musician’s responsibilities when hired for a gig. Stay tuned! In more ways than one. 😉

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I am afraid the opera will be banned, unless a poor performance turns it all into a joke. Only mediocre performances can save me! Really good ones would drive people mad.

-Wagner (on Tristan und Isolde)