31. May 2007 · Comments Off on “Found” Music · Categories: imported, Ramble

So this guy goes to concerts and records the intermissions. He then creates works from what he’s recorded. He says he doesn’t edit, so you are getting the “real thing.” I’m not sure what I think about all of this, aside from the fact that I would guess it might get pretty boring to listen to. It seems mostly like a novelty item to buy. Would I listen to this more than once? Okay … maybe twice, just to try and figure out what the heck this is! It’s called “SF Variations” so I expected to hear San Francisco Symphony. Nope. Flutes. Lots of flutes. I hear the hymn “Fairest Lord Jesus” and “Oh! Susannah” in the mix. Hmmm. Ives? Still? Just arrangements of tunes for flutes. Anyone know?

As to the legality of it all … I’m mainly in the, “Meh, whatever,” camp. I wouldn’t pay $14 for the CD, though. I get plenty of intermission noise for free. You can too, if you just go to concerts.

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