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Having missed the Irene Dalis Vocal Competition I immediately checked the results this morning. Having looked at the list of finalists last night, I thought to myself, “Of course Scott will be the audience favorite. He always is!” Sure enough, I was right. (Not that I knew many of the other singers, so this really was just a silly guess.) He gets a nice littel $5,000. (Hmmm. Maybe I could win something for “Best 50 year old whiney oboe blog” … ya think?) The three winners that were chosen by the judges were all women.


Scott Bearden (sang with Opera San José, very funny actor who always captures the audiences attention)
Christopher Clayton (couldn’t locate management link)
Jason Detwiler (sang with Opera San José, I’ve always loved his voice!)
Adam Flowers (sang with Opera San José singer, couldn’t locate management link, personal link)
Kimberly Giordano (couldn’t locate management link, personal link)
NaGuanda Nobles
Alaine Rodin
Kristin Rothfuss
Oksana Sitnitska
Scott Six (couldn’t locate management link)

The Winners:

First Place: NaGuanda Nobles ($15,000)
Second Place: Kristin Rothfuss ($10,000)
Third Place: Oksana Sitnitska ($5,000)

Next year I plan to go … I just thought it more important to my students’ concert. I find it very enlightening, and in this case also very encouraging, to hear how my students do in performance.

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