I am not competitive. It’s just not in me. If someone else fights for a job, you can bet he or she will get it, because I’m not good at the game. I get jobs or I don’t. Fortunately, between Opera San José and Symphony Silicon Valley I have enough work—well, except in summer!— that I just don’t feel like trying to be someone I’m not. So there you go.

I just read this:

Why can’t the same thing exist for orchestras? Why not host a series of competitive concerts between orchestras designed to build an audience while educating them about the art form along the way?

I can’t even imagine what that would do to me! Competing against other orchestras? Yikes! The only thing worse (for me) would be competing against fellow oboists or English hornist. Yeah. That sounds like an audition, doesn’t it?


Is this really answer to the diminishing audience? Would people really care?


  1. But… wouldn’t the orchestra have to play behind a screen?

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Now THAT would be interesting, eh?

    But I have a feeling this whole idea is juat that … an idea. As it will remain. 🙂