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I’ll miss you both. Keep Oboing!

Playing trios with you was great fun!

Awwwww … too sweet a picture, don’t you think? Thanks for all the good times this year. 🙂

I have to say that teaching is such a joy. My life wouldn’t be nearly as full or fun without students!

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You can get pan pipes and yet there is no oboe here.

What’s up with that?!

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There’s a site that allows the average joe to review anything. Of course this means you know nothing about the person’s qualifications. A review, though, might provide enough insight to allow one to make a choice whether or not to go to something or eat at a certain resaurant, right? But read this one and let me know if it was helpful:

To be fair, this is based on one performance and a bit of intuition.

On the basis of that performance, would I go to hear Symphony Silicon Valley again? Yes, if the program was good, I’d really like to give them another shot. If the program was of no interest, I don’t think the Symphony would sell me through force of performance alone. I’d say this symphony is in the “only as good as the material” class.

The California Theatre was a really nice venue. We had mid-range tickets I selected in the mezzanine and the sight was good and acoustics were terrific except the lower notes from the double bass, which disappeared. A great view, comfortable seats, good looking theater.

You can check out their interactive seating plan at http://www.symphonysilic… : just roll over the spots and it will show you the view from many sections. Nice feature.

Overall, we had a good night — the program was the problem probably more than the Symphony itself.

What a funny little review. (I’m guessing the person went to the Mark O’Connor concert, just going by the review date.)

I was going to comment more about this “review”, but I’m tired; today was my final day at UCSC for the school year; Becky & Alicia, pictures coming to you soon and I’d love to post them here too! 🙂 I’d better rest up for the three private students I have this afternoon.

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… really! And for only $16.95. You’d never have to go hear someone play “Chopin’s Minute Waltz” again.

Buy one.

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I like to warn you of spam scams. Here’s another, received today:

Hello there,

I have been in the search for a Musical Instrument Teacher for my Son for a while now and I’m happy to have come across your mail. My Son has long made his interest known to me concerning your field and I want to believe I am through searching. My Son is just 13yrs of age,smart and dedicated I must say. I want to understand that you are in the States so he’d be coming in from the Netherlands. It is his spare time now as he is on holidays and his best should be made obvious since you are in the view now. There are some certain things I’ll like to know before making payment out to you by the means of Certified Cashier’s Cheque or Money Order,So a detailed information on how the classes would be run should give me an insight on payment like the following below:

1.Price for the lesson for an hour
2.Cost for the lesson for 3 times in a week.
3.Total price for the lesson for a month.
4.Your location (i.e city and state).
5.Phone Number.

Many Thanx
Daniel Murphy.
Digilinks Corp.

Don’t bother responding. You know it can’t be legit.

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What love is to man, music is to the arts and to mankind. music is love itself, — it is the purest, most ethereal language of passion, showing in a thousand ways all possible changes of colour and feeling; and though true in only a single instance, it yet can be understood by thousands of men — who all feel differently.

-Carl Maria von Weber