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There’s a site that allows the average joe to review anything. Of course this means you know nothing about the person’s qualifications. A review, though, might provide enough insight to allow one to make a choice whether or not to go to something or eat at a certain resaurant, right? But read this one and let me know if it was helpful:

To be fair, this is based on one performance and a bit of intuition.

On the basis of that performance, would I go to hear Symphony Silicon Valley again? Yes, if the program was good, I’d really like to give them another shot. If the program was of no interest, I don’t think the Symphony would sell me through force of performance alone. I’d say this symphony is in the “only as good as the material” class.

The California Theatre was a really nice venue. We had mid-range tickets I selected in the mezzanine and the sight was good and acoustics were terrific except the lower notes from the double bass, which disappeared. A great view, comfortable seats, good looking theater.

You can check out their interactive seating plan at http://www.symphonysilic… : just roll over the spots and it will show you the view from many sections. Nice feature.

Overall, we had a good night — the program was the problem probably more than the Symphony itself.

What a funny little review. (I’m guessing the person went to the Mark O’Connor concert, just going by the review date.)

I was going to comment more about this “review”, but I’m tired; today was my final day at UCSC for the school year; Becky & Alicia, pictures coming to you soon and I’d love to post them here too! 🙂 I’d better rest up for the three private students I have this afternoon.

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