Accuradio has an all oboe station. Just go to the classical page and you can’t miss it.

Now is that just incredibly cool or what?!

I’ve already heard some very nice recordings after posting the above. My only complaint, really, is that, similar to a lot of radio stations these days, we don’t hear the full work, but just one movement. Ah well. It’s still great to have this available. Only about an hour ago a student was yakking with me via instant message and asked about recordings … if I had known about this I would have told her to go listen there to get an idea of what—and who—she liked before purchasing something. You can definitely hear a difference in sound when you go from Alex Klein to Hansjörg Schellenberger to Heinz Holliger to Thomas Indermuhle!


  1. Thanks for this! (I’m the one you were talking to 😉

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep, you were, Miriam! I just didn’t mention your name since I hadn’t asked you if I could! 🙂