Wrong, I tells ya.

Oops, sorry … Urinetown is having it’s way with how I talk.

Anyhoo, I went here and that picture just makes me cringe. First of all, the music is sideways. But if you make the music upright, the oboe is upside down. And why the leaves?

Sometimes I wonder about these things for no good reason. It’s not like anyone is going to change the picture because it bothers me, right?

Of course they should….

12. June 2007 · Comments Off on Opera Just Isn’t Safe · Categories: imported, News

Sydney Opera House’s website has been hacked. It sounds as if they suspect the hacker was looking for visitor’s banking information. Having just had a credit card number stolen, these things have become more real to me.

12. June 2007 · Comments Off on But Can It Fly? · Categories: imported, News

Seattle has a singing pig. An Italian aria singin’ pig.

I know you wish your city had one. I certainly think San Jose needs one.

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Musica laetitiae comes medicina dolorum
(Music is the companion of joy and the medicine of sorrow)

-Latin quote found on harpsichord, author unknown