Wrong, I tells ya.

Oops, sorry … Urinetown is having it’s way with how I talk.

Anyhoo, I went here and that picture just makes me cringe. First of all, the music is sideways. But if you make the music upright, the oboe is upside down. And why the leaves?

Sometimes I wonder about these things for no good reason. It’s not like anyone is going to change the picture because it bothers me, right?

Of course they should….


  1. terminaldegree

    What drives me crazy is when the instrument is assembled incorrectly, or when a student model is used. Gah.

  2. But still…. A sonatine for oboe d’amore by Charles Koechlin?  I am intrigued!

  3. Well, maybe it’s just me, but I love practicing outdoors on breezy Fall days. This was likely a coincidental shot. The oboist put her oboe down on the music (which had blown down off the stand in a cool gust of air–hence the upside down print), and some beautiful leaves landed gracefully around it, almost in evocation of the nature-inspired music which she was practicing. The oboist happened to have a camera in her pocket (or perhaps a camera phone), and she snapped a picture, capturing the moment before it was gone forever.

    What? This is a day-to-day occurrence in my world. Not yours?

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Hah! Too good, Jillian.

    Now I want the winter oboe scene, please! Describe … and send me a picture! (But NO Nutcracker music, please.)

  5. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, there ya go … never mind the picture, let’s hear the music! 🙂

  6. Patricia Mitchell

    So many oboe pictures use an oboe missing the left F. Then my students wonder why I tell them I won’t teach them with those oboes. Sigh. (Of course the beginning oboe books also assume they dont’ have this key, so most students learn the incorrect fingering and, having mastered it, finally get a good oboe and have to struggle for the rest of their lives … and I’m talking from personal experience!)